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May Your 2009 Be Filled With Chocolatey Goodness

Wishing you a happy, happy, happiest New Year! xo ~ Sandra

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Santa Fe, Here I Come!

I have recently become a fan of the lovely state of New Mexico when two of the most fabulous women I know moved there.  They had given me a peek inside their local chocolate industry with a gift of the … Continue reading

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Chocoholism is defined as: “an eating disorder in which someone suffers from an addiction to chocolate. Chocolate contains theobromines and it may be possible for the human brain to become accustomed to chocolate at regular intervals. Etymologically, “chocoholic” derives directly … Continue reading

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Chocolate Caramel Apple Pie

Even the most culinary-challenged among us can, on that rare occasion, bring grown men to their knees with that one dish (okay now I am really over-promising). This Chocolate Caramel Apple Pie is most appreciated by those with a sweet … Continue reading

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